Bobby Embraces Cystic Fibrosis Through Poetry and Life-Coaching

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth, many would say that Bobby Foster has been a fighter since he was only a few hours old, but Bobby has a different definition of what a fighter means to him.

“To me, the fight is actually within myself to learn to accept and embrace all of the things CF has brought into my life.”

After graduating with a degree in creative writing from the University of Central Florida and discovering a passion for spoken poetry, Bobby learned the importance of channeling his emotions to help him cope with his CF diagnosis.  Since then, he has become a published author and life coach, bringing hope to others going through similar experiences.


“Anytime I can connect to something greater than myself, like being a mentor to kids who have CF, it gives me the strength to look past my own pains and take a step forward.”

Bobby has attended Great Strides with his team, Catch Your Breath, since he was young and looks forward to a day dedicated to bringing the community together and celebrating people who have CF.

“Having CF doesn’t make you a flawed or broken person. You are a whole, beautiful person despite the disease, and Great Strides is a day to celebrate that.”