Top Striders

Great Strides participants who go above and beyond to achieve top fundraising levels receive special recognition online and on the day of their walk.

You can become a Top Walker or Top Team by taking these easy steps:

  • Jump start your fundraising with a self-donation.
  • Download the Fight CF mobile app to help you fundraise on the go!
  • Link your participant center to Facebook Fundraising to make reaching your goal easy.
  • Host a Passion Fundraising event to engage your network of friends and family to support you.
  • Reach out to your network to ask for support.
  • Check to see if your company matches charitable gifts.
  • Become a 65 Roses Challenger or Champion!

    Accept the challenge and raise $650 to become a 65 Roses Challenger and $1,000 to become a 65 Roses Champion.  Challengers and Champions receive benefits from their local Chapter as well as national recognition.  

    Top Team  CFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_5K_Color.pngCFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_10K_Color.pngCFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_15K_Color.pngCFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_30K_Color.pngCFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_100K_Color.png

    Any Great Strides team that sets and reaches a fundraising goal of $5,000 or more will become a Top Team. Your team will receive a Top Team badge on your personal Great Strides Web page and special recognition at your local walk.