About Our Great Strides Walk

This event will take place for 65 days from August 3rd until October 5th. This event will include sports such as running, hiking, cycling, swimming, tennis, basketball, golf, and volleyball, as well as quieter and more relaxed activities such as reading, cooking, and gaming. During these 65 days, we encourage you to engage in 65 minutes each day of any activity you desire. You can even choose to do a different activity each day! Send us a selfie after you finish each day, and we will create a video collage at the end of the 65 days to celebrate your success!

A $65 donation from each participant is encouraged, but not required. We also encourage you to form teams to build the comradery. You can even make a competition between yourself and your team members! You can see who can raise the most money and/or who can do the most activities. Registration for this event will be sent out soon. We are extremely excited about this event and hope you are too!

65-Roses-Challenge Image.png