Are We There Yet?

Our team has been participating in Great Strides for just about 30 years now, and each year our team grows and grows. This is the first year we are national and I (Caitlin) could not be more excited! Thanks in advance to all of our team leaders, walkers and donors. None of the treatments we CF patients have would not exist without you. We are so close to a cure for all patients and there is no way we can stop now!
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Top 10 Events
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First Coast






Top 10 Teams
Team Name Event Name Amount Members
Top Team 15K Are We There Yet? Paramus



Top Team 5K Are we there Yet? First Coast



Top Team 5K Caitlin's Crew Annapolis



Top 10 Participants
Participant Name Event Name Amount
T-Shirt Caitlin Jones Paramus


T-Shirt Barbara Branch First Coast


T-Shirt Barbara Gass Annapolis


T-Shirt Susan Roselle First Coast


T-Shirt Ann Digirolamo Paramus


T-Shirt Michael Byrne Paramus


T-Shirt Stephanie Ward Paramus


T-Shirt Alice Breslin Annapolis


T-Shirt Danielle Albanese Paramus


T-Shirt Jeanne Byrne Paramus