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  • Chicago Half 2019

Hi Friends & Family!

This coming fall I officially committed to run the Chicago Marathon as part of Team CF Superheroes. While I can’t say I am extremely excited about the training part, I am extremely excited about the opportunity to run for a cause that is truly near & dear to my heart.

As some of you may know, my fiancé Nate is one of the 30,000 Americans living with cystic fibrosis-a rare, genetic, life-shortening disease. Each & every day I am impressed by Nate’s attitude & outlook on life. I remember first Google-ing what CF was & being so inspired by the commitment Nate made to not let his diagnosis hold him back from any of life's adventures (the kid can run a MEAN half-marathon time), & not serve as a deterrent during any of life’s challenges.

With the recent release of Trikafta, a triple-combination therapy drug that targets the CFTR protein, this has undoubtedly been a milestone year for the CF community & our (future!) family. Nate was fortunate enough to get accepted & approved for Trikafta almost immediately upon FDA release, and the results were immediate. We video taped every time he took the pills the first two weeks. At the time it was just a fun little tradition (and everyone knows Nate LOVES a good camera moment) but I think we both recognized just how life changing the medicine would be, & I can’t wait to look back at the ~vlogs~ years from now.

While Trikafta has been and will be life changing for many, it is not a cure for the disease, and far, far too many lives continue to be cut short. Similar advances and the continued search to find a cure aren’t possible without the necessary funding to back research & development. The good news is, together we can help keep adding “tomorrows” to those living with CF.
I can’t imagine running for a better cause, and it would mean so much if you are able to donate to my fundraising campaign. Your gift will go directly towards helping support life changing research (!!) as well as medical and education programs for Cystic fibrosis. As an added bonus for donating, I will send you a cute photo of our new puppy Scout who I am going to force to train with me. Your donation means so much to me, and I can’t thank you enough. Together, let’s keep adding tomorrows!

Love, Emily


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