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2024 Yosemite Xtreme Hike

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After Ellie was born, Josh and I got very involved in the CF Foundation. This is our 12th year of participating in various events from walks, galas, cycling, and wine tasting, and we even hosted our own basketball tournament for 8 of those years. Last year, we signed up for the Tahoe Xtreme Hike for the first time. It had always been a little intimidating (since it has "Xtreme" in the title), but we decided to go for it since we both love hiking. Unfortunately, the Tahoe hike was canceled last year, though we still hiked 11 miles that day in the smoke. But when we finally got to do the Yosemite hike last fall, we felt that we had found a new home for our passions of hiking and curing CF. It's an amazing event with wonderful people that truly want to help those with CF, and I can't wait to do it again this year! 

During the Tahoe hike this year, there was a person there with CF. Just a short while ago, her lung function was at 40%. After starting the new drug (Trikafta, which Ellie also takes), her lung function went up significantly, and she was able to hike 10 miles that day!! It's so awesome that something like that can have such an incredible impact! Ellie also takes that drug and is doing very well! She is actually piloting a program with her doctor that allows her to only take the medication and stop all breathing treatments, which is incredible!

These types of things (new drugs, reducing treatments, etc.) would not have been possible without the support that our fundraising provides. Real progress has been made for those who have CF, but there is still no cure for this devastating disease and many lives are still cut far too short.

I will not stop hiking until all those with cystic fibrosis have a cure. We will not leave anyone behind. Please consider donating today to help Ellie and everyone else with CF!

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