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  • Brynn showing my daughter the ropes on the farm.

Hello All!

Thanks for checking out this fundraiser.

This is a very personal issue for me as my best friends daughter has CF. Her name is Brynn and she is a vibrant, tenacious 10 year old. She runs and plays and rides horses in competition. But she also is very suscpetible to having repiratory issues both from environmental causes, viruses and other factors that those without CF largely don't have to consider.

It really hits home when one week you see this amazing kid running around her farm and a few weeks later you are visiting her in an extended stay at John's Hopkins (and she kicks your butt in monopoly and Uno!).

I ask that you donate a comfortable to help find a cure for this severe, potentially life threatening/shortening disease.

Please reach out if you want to know more about CF, or if you would like to hike as well. I would be grateful for any contribution of money or time you can give to this cause.

Thank you!


About CF:

Cystic fibrosis is a rare, life-shortening, genetic disease found in about 30,000 people in the U.S., which causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time. Those living with this disease are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, friends, and co-workers – all struggling each day just to breathe and live normal, healthy lives.

Sixty years ago, most children with cystic fibrosis did not live long enough to attend elementary school, but thanks to Foundation-based research and care, many people with CF are now living into their forties – achieving milestones once thought not possible, such as attending college, pursuing careers, and having a family of their own.

While there has been significant progress in treating this disease, there is still no cure and too many lives are cut far too short. By participating in Xtreme Hike, I am helping add tomorrows to the lives of all people living with CF today.

Please make a difference and support me by giving to my Xtreme Hike fundraising campaign today. Donate an amount that is meaningful to you, thanks!


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