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In June, I celebrated my second work-iversary at the Metro DC Chapter of the CF Foundation. I have had one of the best experiences working with the Xtreme Hike community, a group of passionate and kind-hearted people. Despite having no personal connection to CF the Xtreme Hike community has shared their powerful stories, which have become my inspiration to continously fight for a cure for CF.

Because of the hard work and success of events like Xtreme Hike the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has been able to raise funds vital to research, advocacy, and support of the CF Community. In 2019, the community recieved huge news that the FDA approved the drug, TRIKAFTA. This drug has the potential to help 90% of those living with CF. Poeple with CF no have the opportunity to live fuller lives – achieving milestones once thought not possible, such as attending college, pursuing careers, and having a family of their own.

While there has been significant progress in treating this disease, there is still no cure and too many lives are cut far too short. By leading Xtreme Hike I am helping add tomorrows to the lives of all people living with CF today.

There are so many signifcant and worthy causes in today's world. If you have the means to support my efforts in fundraising, regardless of dollar amount, thank you so much! If you are unable to support finicially, spreading awareness is just as appreciated!


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