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Our Xtreme Hike Story

Thank you for helping Elena fight cystic fibrosis.

The photos show Elena with her Grandpa who passed away the end of April. Elena's grandpawas a man who loved and cared for his family. His five granddaughters meant the world to him, and he never hesitated to show them his love. Since Elena's diagnosis in 2003, Art supported the CF Foundation and their search for a cure by walking in Great Strides, dining at Chefs in the City events, cheering on us hikers year after year at the Xtreme Hikes, and donating generously. Thank you for honoring Dad by making a donation to the CF Foundation. Elena is blessed by your generosity and by having a Grandpa who loved her dearly.

2021 will continue to be a year of change as Elena goes off to the Jacob's School of Music at Indian University in the fall! She will have to adjust to treating her CF in a dorm setting while juggling classes and hours of piano practice. Fortunately, Elena is a strong, organized, optimistic young woman and will handle this change well! Still, it is a worry for her parents that this change will bring lung issues. We have been so blessed that her lungs have stayed so healthy and that she continues to have a lung function of over 100%. We thank the CF Foundation & Johns Hopkins for Elena's great health.

In order to continue fighting CF for Elena and for all those battling this life threatening disease, we need to continue fundraising. The search for a cure continues as does the search for drugs and therapies that ease the symptoms. Your donation will be a huge help to all those affected by CF - it means a longer, healthier life for thousands.

In addition to a donation, we would love for you to hike with us!


  • Saturday, October 2
  • Sky Meadow State Park
  • 12.5 miles
  • Anyone 16 or older is welcome to hike, but you must register.

I hope & pray that you will consider joining our team this year! You do not have to raise funds to be on my team. I will take care of that! Your presense will be a huge present and help bring awareness to our battle to cure CF.

We are so grateful to friends like you for helping Elena have a longer and healthier life.

With love and gratitude,
Sue, Art, Viola and Elena

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Top Hiker Self-Donation Sue Lohsen $33,390.00
Nate Goonasekeram $0.00
Matthew Jochum $140.00
Self-Donation Rose Jochum $300.00
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Marianne Panke $790.00
Self-Donation Beth Sworobuk $2,090.00
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