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Hello my friend,
It has been another long year of Covid precautions and limitations. Too many affected too many losses.
However, we ARE having the Xtreme Hike in person and full weekend event this year
Every year I look forward to helping Ellie and other CFers through the Xtreme Hike event. Oddly enough this year I am looking forward to the Xtreme Hike event to help me. Personally I have had some major ups and downs and really need this hike to get things back on track. If you know me, you’ve heard me talk about my grandmother. She has been so much a part of me and my everyday life for the last 54 years. Unfortunately, my grandmother’s time here with me ended on Dec 21, 2021, it has been more than I can handle. I’m struggling to find my way without her, I am lost.
The last couple weeks, very good friends and even some strangers have given me some great advice. One reminded me how my grandmother would be cheering me on like she did others when they were struggling. She said I’ll find a path and somehow find a way to include my grandmother on it. Thanks #7! Also, some great advice from another that Love lives forever. In time the feeling of being lost without her will change to fulfillment because of her. She played a huge part in my life and still will, in time thinking of her will bring gratitude, joy and many smiles. This past week I have started to find my way and ready to move forward with the Love from my grandmother.
So, this year’s Xtreme hike will be special as I will turn 55, double of my favorite number! Miss Ellie is 16 and eligible to hike in the event! Yeah We found out the hike will be held on June 4th BUT that is when Ellie’s older sister Abby will be graduating from high school, which is great except Ellie won’t be present for the Xtreme Hike :-(
Like I stated… ups and downs. Because of this conflict, Ellie and family decided to make a special 20+ mile hike on May 22 at Tully Lake to make up for their June 4th absence. So, I plan to hike with the Breath for Ellie team on May 22 AND the Xtreme Hike at Jiminy Peak on June 4th. Double hike in 2022 just like my double 5 age as of May 6, 2022.
In memory and honor of my grandmother Margaret Hassey, Miss Ellie’s first Xtreme hike, Abby’s graduation and my turning 55 I’m hoping you will all support me in some way and help me find my way to support Miss Ellie and CF’ers find a cure!
If you are a supporter of mine you may already know this CF story and why I hike to raise money. If you are new to this list, then I will be grateful if you read on.
I am writing to ask for your HELP in raising funds, in any amount, to fund research to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. This horrible disease takes children and young adults far too early. CF is an inherited disorder that causes severe damage to the lungs, digestive system and other organs in the body. From birth CFers take handfuls of medications daily (before, during and after each meal) and endure several types of daily treatments (breathing and shaking).
Tremendous advancements in specialized CF care have added years and quality of life to the lives of people with Cystic Fibrosis. There have been dramatic improvements from the 1950s, when a child with CF rarely lived long enough to attend elementary school to today, with many living long enough to realize their dreams of attending college, pursuing careers, getting married, and having kids. These advancements have been possible due to donations to the fund raisers CFF organizes; the Xtreme Hike is one of them.
I met one of these young girls with Cystic Fibrosis 9 years ago, her name is Ellie Leo and she is from Norton, MA. Ellie was just one of a few kids playing in the house I attended a meeting at to learn more about helping people by hiking. I didn't know what CF was when I arrived but when I left I appreciated life so much more. Ellie "looked" like the rest of the kids but she has some pretty heavy weight to carry everywhere she goes. Ellie has to plan her days around treatments, foods she can eat, pills she must take and people she surrounds herself with. At age 16 now, going on 17 and in high school that is a tough ask for a young teenage girl. Ellie's future is unknown; she lives each day as it comes and she is always wearing a smile, a great attitude and is hopeful a Cure will be found in her lifetime to extend it to fulfill her dreams.
This is why I hike 26-30 miles in ONE day, and TWICE this year, to raise funds to help researchers to FIND A CURE for Cystic Fibrosis. The event this year is planned for June 4, 2022 at Jiminy Peak; we will start at 4:00am for a day long hike and do it with all the CFers, who are struggling to breath, in our hearts.
Will you help me meet my goal of raising $5,555.55 by June 4? Reaching my goal by May 22 would be even better, the actual hike with Miss Ellie. This will be my 8th hike for CFF and young Miss Ellie.
ANY donation amount is welcome and so appreciated. THANK YOU in advance for your generosity and caring for young people born with CF.
Stay safe, Bonnie Moore
508 241 1616
If you prefer not to donate online you may contact me to send me a check made out to CFF and I'll turn it in to our local office Xtreme hike coordinator, Terry Waite #7.


PS Do you know what 65 Roses Story is? Very cute how kids who can't pronounce or know what CF is, what they come up with!Check it out, my young Miss Ellie makes an appearance (after the little girl with glasses).






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