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As many of you know, Kiran was diagnosed just before he turned one and he (and Raj) just turned nine a week and a half ago and is thriving:  playing soccer and lacrosse, laughing at my inability to play Chess, reading all the books, and playing Minecraft.  In those 8 years the CF landscape has grown and changed immensely.  Because of CFF, the life expectancy of someone born with CF is now 56 which is more than double what it was just a few years ago. 

Kiran himself is now benefiting from Trikafta, "a miracle drug" according to Carolyn. However, not everyone with CF is as lucky as Kiran and many people with CF have not been able to benefit from the amazing work that the CFF has done to "fund research and drug development, promote individualized treatment, and ensure access to high-quality, specialized care to all living with CF". 

Many of you have been great supporters to me as I've trained and to Kiran and those with CF in the past and I'm asking for that support again this year.  I feel like I write it every year, and I know there are lots of causes that we all find close to our hearts and that asking for another is a big ask, but a donation of any amount is incredibly appreciated.  If you find yourself near some localized NYC elevation, let me know and I'll take a trek (gotta get some more incline)!



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