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2023 Massachusetts Xtreme Hike

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Raised: $2,210.00

Goal: $2,500.00

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  • COUSINS!!!!
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This will be my 6th Xtreme Hike. When I began participating in these hikes I was very sick. I coughed all day and night, my body cramped and ached constantly, and just getting through a day was a full effort ordeal. Each year I have hiked with, and under the leadership of, my beloved cousin Jessie, and our team which she titled "Cuz We're Cousins". Over the course of my 6 hiking years(and her 11 hiking years!)our team has raised close to 100,000 total dollars. That money funded research which directly led to the creation of Trikafta, a new medication that changed mine, my sister's, and my family's lives in the most profound ways. I started Trikafta in January 2020, and it's impact has been so great in my life that I have even opened a retirement fund, an act I morbidly never thought I would need to take. 

My life changed because people, like you, donated to this cause. People, like you, who were willing to participate and donate and ultimately change people's lives. Grass roots fundraising works and there is still more work to be done. Cystic Fibrosis still has no cure, and there is 10% of the CF population who do not have a drug like Trikafta. Please join me again as I hike and fundraise in hopes of finally finding a cure for CF and some respite for those who still cannot catch their breath. 

Your donations do more than change lives, they save lives. I am forever grateful and humbled by all of your generosity. 

love, mike.              check out my podcast about living with cf "But, You Look Healthy" on Spotify




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