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Hello friends and family! 

We're back at it yet again this year.  This is my 9th Xtreme Hike for a Cure, Caroline's fifth and Jacob's fourth!  Rhonda will not be able to volunteer this time as she will be looking after our new puppy Miss Penny.

The kids and I are excited that our hike will start and end at Jiminy Peak (https://www.jiminypeak.com/), our base camp for the weekend.  Starting and finishing at the resort just makes the day a little easier for the hikers.  No need to hop in the transport vans at 3 AM, and when we cross the finish lines (yes we will finish again this year) we can duck back to our hotels, shower and head back to the victory celebration. 

This year our hike is on June 4th and is between 26 and 32 miles for the day.  We rise at 2:30ish and hit the trail between 4 and 4:30 (with headlamps), with between 10-12 hours of hiking ahead of us.  We burn thousands of calories and usually get between 60k and 80k steps that day!  

As always, we are hiking to end Cystic Fibrosis and as usual, we draw our inspiration from our pal Ellie (pictured).  Ellie has been chosen to take part in a clinical trial for Trikafta (https://www.trikafta.com/), which has been shown to actually improve lung function in people with CF.  This is proof that all of the hiking and your donations are working.  

Please help if you can - with three hikers in the family again this year, we could use the support!

Thank you and God bless! ~ <3 Jim 



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