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2024 Massachusetts Xtreme Hike

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Raised: $6,983.15

Goal: $15,000.00

My Xtreme Hike Story

Family, friends and longtime faithful supporters,

It’s the 11th Xtreme Hike for Patrick’s Posse and it’s coming up quickly on Saturday, June 10th. I will again be volunteering and ruling Rest Stop 2 as well as doing a few miles on the trail. The rest of the Posse (Jim, Diane, Meredith and Linda) will be doing the entire hike per usual, 26+ miles and 5,000+ in Elevation in ONE DAY on the Taconic Crest Trail in Western MA.

Patrick is thriving and graduated from Boston College on Monday, May 22nd! He will be starting his career in PR in Boston in a month or so after a graduation trip to Europe. I am attaching a PDF with few pics from then and now.

*** By the numbers ***

Life expectancy of CF Warriors by year

  • 2005- 31 years old
  • 2021 - mid 40s
  • 2023 - 56

Xtreme Hike fundraising since 2013

  • Me - $104,967
  • Patrick’s Posse - $494,503, nearly a ½ a million!!!

All the above is due to support of amazing people like you. Thanks to all of you for your support, love and kindness over the years in helping Patrick and the CF Community make this progress. There is still the 10% of CF Warriors not able to benefit from Trikafta, the drug released a few years back that pumped up the life expectancy numbers. So, we hike on for a CURE for CF and for TREATMENT for all.

If you have the ability, please click the link to donate. And, through my employer, State Street, I am allowed to put in for a matching gift for money I COLLECT as part of an event like this. That means anything you give that has not already been matched by State Street (like a big part of my grand total already), WILL BE DOUBLED!!!!! Free money for CF.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.




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