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2024 Grand Canyon Summer Xtreme Hike

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My CF Story

I was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when I was a week old. Cystic fibrosis affects my lungs, pancreas, and other organs in my digestive system. My cells don't transport water properly which causes the mucus in my body to be extremely thick. In my lungs, this can block airways and is a place perfect for bacteria to thrive. In my digestive system, it is difficult for my body to absorb nutrients from my food. I have to take between 30-40 pills a day. I have to do 2 vibrating vest treatments a day along with a nebulizer treatment. All of this is just to keep my health where it is now. 

I grew up knowing that I was sick, but I wasn't able to start to understand what that meant in my life until I started to get older. I knew that CF was going to shorten my life expectancy. There is currently no cure for cystic fibrosis. In 2016, the life expectancy for someone with CF was 37, but now it is in the 50s and climbing. This is because of all of the CF research and the medications that have come from it. 

One of these medications is Trifakta. Trikafta is a CF modulator that allows proteins in my cells to function properly and to transport water so that my mucus can be thinned. Being on Trikafta has brought my lung function up from a baseline of 65% to a baseline of 85%. I am doing better than I have in over a decade. However, there is still 10% of CF people who don't have a modulator that can help them. 

By participating in Xtreme Hike and through your donations we are helping to end this disease for the thousands of people impacted by CF. Great progress has been made in CF research, but we are not done. These treatments are not a cure and not everyone can benefit from them. 

Your support makes a difference.

By donating to my fundraising goal, you will help advance our mission for a cure for all. Please consider joining us and helping make CF stand for Cure Found.


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