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Raised: $71,605.67

Goal: $100,000.00

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Team Isabelle 2019
Team Isabelle 2019

Team Isabelle wants to thank John, Ed, Paul, Anthony and everyone at AXIA Consulting for stepping up once again as our team sponsor for 2021. AXIA Consulting is a premier consulting firm that provides technology and business consulting services worldwide to middle-market and Fortune 500 companies as well as government agencies. Great companies have great leadership and great people and Axia has plenty of both. AXIA is teaming yet again with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Team Isabelle to make CF stand for Cure Found. Thank you AXIA!

Team Isabelle has raised more money than any other Gateway Xtreme Hike team 8 years in a row, having raised well over $500,000! We’re aiming to create a fund raising dynasty with a team goal of raising $100,000 again this year and a 8th straight team win in 2021. $100,000 is a big number, but everything about Xtreme Hike is big... It takes an individual with a big heart. A big hearted someone who is willing to train hard, give up a weekend with their friends and family, and to take on one of the biggest challenges of their life.

That’s all great stuff, but the best thing about Xtreme Hike is the big difference it will make in your life and the Xtreme difference you’re making in the lives of thousands of young people with CF.

We are actively recruiting new team members. Please tell everyone you know who might be interested about Xtreme Hike and Team Isabelle. Better yet, have them sign up with you. Remember, on-line donations to Team Isabelle can be made by clicking the "Donate to a Team Member" button above and then selecting the proper team member.

Hope to see you on the trail and thank you for your support!

Team Roster

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Top Hiker Self-Donation Mark And Dana Trokey $15,440.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Chris Brennan $1,965.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Liz Brennan $5,290.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Scott Colvill $5,255.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Julie Council $3,200.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Steve Council $2,765.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Anthony Hume $6,155.67
Top Hiker Self-Donation Sharon Kreher $2,945.00
Top Hiker William Miller $1,515.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Kimberly Moore $1,830.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Jill Starrs $3,850.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation John Tierney $10,000.00
Top Hiker Jeff Vag $2,005.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Zsolt Varga $2,500.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Cliff Wilson $3,625.00
Top Hiker Self-Donation Rich Yonce $3,265.00
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