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About 9 years ago I met Jan Thompson. We were both training for the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) 30.1 mile, in one day, Fall Xtreme hike. Since then Jan and I have done many training hikes together, getting to know each other’s life stories and why we hike. My reason for hiking was simple, for my beautiful daughter Mackenzie, and hers was a little more complex.

See Jan had CF and was given a gift of a double lung transplant. She knew it was a gift and made every effort to ensure that gift was appreciated and shared with many others. Jan knew this gift of time needed to be spent with focused determination and purpose. She did this in so many ways, by raising money for CF clinical research, participating in many many Xtreme hikes, by giving inspirational speeches at CF events and by mentoring other CF Hero’s through their arduous lung transplant journey.

One of the best gifts she gave back to me and the CF community was to show you never give up. No matter what life throws at you, you have the strength to go on and to make a difference. On so many hikes, when the heat was unbearable and the hills were never ending, she never stopped and said I can’t go on. She dug deep and finished like an amazing CF athlete.

Early last year Jan lost her battle with CF and the CF community lost an amazing advocate, life coach and a friend. I hadn’t planned on hiking this year. After last year’s non-stop rain storm throughout the entire hike, I had planned on taking a year off. Yet with Jan’s passing, I knew what she would do and inspired others to do.

Though we can’t get together for training hikes this year, I know Jan is with us. Pushing us to dig deep, never give up and to think that what we do will have a significant impact on others.

Please help me raise money for CF clinical research in memory of Jan and all the other CF Heroes who give and gave so much.

Your donation is greatly appreciated.




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