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2024 Gateway Xtreme Hike

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Raised: $1,000.00

Goal: $10,000.00

My Xtreme Hike Story

How have our lives changed in the last 11 years that we have been part of Xtreme Hike?

In 2013, our lives were filled with worry as Isabelle was hospitalized multiple times per year and concern for what her future would hold. Our hope rested in the CF Foundation and the research they were conducting. We were committed to hiking and fundraising to bring about the medical advances we so desperately needed.

Fast forward to 2024 and Isabelle hasn’t been hospitalized in over 8 years now. Read that again–9 years! Research funded by the CF Foundation led to breakthroughs in treating the underlying defect. Since 2015, she has seen improvements in her health with each new drug brought to market. The latest drug, Trikafta, is a triple combination drug that has brought dramatic improvements in her health. She now leads a robust, busy young adult life that, aside from multiple medications taken daily, is normal in most every way. 

We continue to be a part of this great event, Xtreme Hike, because our ultimate goal of a cure is not yet realized, sadly we are still losing CF patients, many that are in Isabelle's age group. In addition, there is still 10% of the CF population that cannot use the new modulator drugs due to different gene mutations. WE ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE A CURE IS WITHIN REACH AND THAT REQUIRES FUNDRAISING!

We want to give a huge Team Isabelle shout out to John, Ed, Paul and everyone at AXIA Consulting for stepping up once again as the Presenting Sponsor as part of our team. Great companies have great leadership with great people and Axia has plenty of both. They have been instrumental in the success of our Gateway Xtreme Hike! 

It is a point of pride that Team Isabelle has raised more money than any other Gateway Xtreme Hike team 10 years in a row, having raised well over $727,000. Our team members are amazingly generous, fun people with hearts of gold and we are honored to have them alongside us on the trail to cure CF!  Our ultimate goal is to raise at least 1 million dollars for the CF Foundation.

With love and gratitude for your prayers and support,

Dana and Mark


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