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How much of an impact can one person make on the lives of others.....

To have known Jan means your life was touched, impacted and inspired.

Jan Thompson was my partner for 5 amazing years and she recently passed on April 11th from lung rejection and cystic fibrosis. Jan had received the wonderful gift of life in the form of a double lung transplant back in 2013. She passed just before her 7 year transplant anniversary. During those 7 years, on her new lungs, Jan was able to be extremely active with the Cystic Fibrosis Gateway Chapter as she hiked, biked, attended wine openers and Festivale. In 2018 just before her rejection began Jan did the "trifecta" She hiked the Missouri Xtreme Hike in the spring, hiked the Grand Canyon Xtreme Hike in the summer and the Missouri Xtreme Hike in the fall. It was a year she was so very proud of...

During her time with the CF Gateway Chapter Jan made many friends, inspired some of you and provided CF families with much needed HOPE. People looked at Jan, born in 1969, as a true testament to the long life that can be lived by Cfers. She made the most of her 50 years.

Jan was extremely passionate about advocating for CF research and her team Got O2?! will live on. She was humble and never quite realized how much of a hero she was to many. I look forward to continuing her fight and the fight of many others until we find a cure.

Peace, Love and Belly Rubs....see you on the trail.

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