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Hi - you've found my Personal Page!  Maybe you'll read a little further......

My name is Amos and I am fortunate.  I dont have a child, sibling, parent or spouse with Cystic Fibrosis.  I've been involved with the CFF for twenty years and I started doing the CF hikes 15 years ago because I wanted to help make a difference for those families that have a direct connection to CF.  

The foundation has made extraordinary progress since then.  Because the CF Foundation has been at the forefront of gene therapy and other treatments and because it has invested heavily in the process to find a cure we are closer than ever to finding a cure for everyone with CF.

But we are not done yet.  

In a successful hike, you start together and you end together.  While we've made great progress on treatments for 90% of patients, we still need to find treatments and a cure for the last 10%.  We wont stop fundraising, we won't stop advocating and we won't stop working for a cure until that goal is reached.

Your support makes a difference.

I'd love to have you come out and join David, Chris, Peter and me on our hike to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  If you'd like to please contact me and I'll coordinate your intro to the Colorado Chapter.  If you just want send your good wishes or join me on a training hike, that would be great too. I am always glad for the support.  Finally, if you'd like to take the extra step and donate, please see the button on this page.   We are working hard to make CF stand for Cure Found and without your support, it's just another walk in the woods.  




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