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10 years ago, I went to REI for a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation session about a new event: The Xtreme Hike!  Little did I know that I would be hiking 26b miles in one day but also still be doing it today!

Most importantly, last year, I got to participate in the 10th VA Xtreme Hike with Thomas: something I could have never dreamt of 10 years ago.  We hiked in WV in a magical place and finished on top of Spruce Knob.  Crossing the finish line with Thomas was a very special moment.  Just thinking that I had just hiked 26 miles with someone with CF!  Thomas was among the 4 people living with CF who hiked that day.

As you may know by now, Xtreme Hike is a very special event and I and very thankful I have been part of it since its begining and met so many wondeful people, people who care about a common cause: CF.  As one Xtreme Hiker once said: "We will move mountains for Cystic Fibrosis.  If we cannot move them, we will climb them."

There has been great developments in CF and Thomas is lucky to benefit from some of them.  But there is still NO CURE and we still need your help. We need HOPE for all living with CF.  HOPE for a brighter and healthier future and this is what your donations do for Thomas and all living with CF.  We hope we can count on you again this year.  

Thank you for your generosity.



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