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2023 Virginia Xtreme Hike

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  • Myles enjoying the beach

On Saturday September 30 at 3:00am I will begin hiking over 28 miles to raise awareness and fundraise for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. As most of you know our son Myles, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was just 3 weeks old. Since the day Myles was diagnosed, our family has made it our mission to do whatever it takes to find a CURE for cystic fibrosis. Every May, we participate in the annual great strides CF walk. The Xtreme Hike is an event that I have participated in for several years now. It challenges me physically as well as emotionally, but it's nothing I can't tolerate for one day. Myles has to battle cystic fibrosis each and every day. He is an amazing active 14 year old that just started 9th grade. He plays sports year round: baseball, basketball and flag football. Myles is active in church and school activities. CF does not define Myles, it is only a part of Myles. I would greatly appreciate it if you supported me as I tackle this marathon distance mountain hike in one day to help raise money to allow for further research and ultimately find a Cure for Cystic Fibrosis.

The powerful and unique event that empowers participants to take the search for the cure to new heights. Cystic fibrosis is a rare, genetic, life-shortening disease that affects every organ in the body and makes breathing difficult. Some people with the disease say its like breathing through a narrow straw. In people with CF, a defective gene causes a thick buildup of mucus in the lungs, pancreas and other organs. In the lungs, the mucus clogs the airways and traps bacteria, leading to life-threatening lung infections. Sixty years ago, most children did not live long enough to attend elementary school, but thanks to Foundation-based research and care, the median survival age of people with CF is now over 40 years old.

Those living with this disease are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, friends and co-workers, all struggling every day just to breathe and live a normal, healthy life. I climb for them and hope you will support me in my efforts.

While there has been significant progress in treating this disease, there is still no cure and too many lives are cut far too short. By participating in the CF Foundation's Xtreme Hike, I am stepping up and helping add tomorrows to the lives of people living with cystic fibrosis. Will you join me? Support me by making a donation to my Xtreme Hike fundraising campaign today!


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