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Welcome to the trail…. Excited to share that we are entering the 11th year for the CF Xtreme Hike. This year we will be back in the Natural Bridge area on Devil’s Marbleyard. 

So, why do I keep returning each year to hike 26ish miles in one day in support of cystic fibrosis? I continue to return as I witness the benefits of the research, funding, and new developments. Observing how people’s lives are being changed in a positive way offering longevity, and improved quality of life. Noting that the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is a good steward of the funds that are raised based on the impact of new medications/therapies. 

Unfortunately, every medication/therapy developed does not impact every person that has cystic fibrosis: 

“Cystic fibrosis, a rare, progressive, life-threatening disease, results in the formation of thick mucus that builds up in the lungs, digestive tract, and other parts of the body. It leads to severe respiratory and digestive problems as well as other complications such as infections and diabetes. Cystic fibrosis is caused by a defective protein that results from mutations in the CFTR gene. While there are approximately 2,000 known mutations of the CFTR gene, the most common mutation is the F508del mutation."

The goal is to have CF stand for Cure Found. So, that is my main reason for returning to hike every year! Raising awareness and funds to make a difference for every person that lives with cystic fibrosis. 

Josey, my niece, Ethan, my nephew, were diagnosed with CF at the ages of 2 and a half and 4 months, respectively. Josey now 21 and Ethan 19 have benefited from the progress made with CF research. Josey hiked the 26ish mile hike last year. I had the privilege of hiking with her and I asked her the question if she thought she would have been able to complete the hike before Trikafta. Josey has always been involved in sports so she was always physically active. Her response to me was that she probably could have done the hike on some level, may not have been able to do the whole 26ish and she said she would have had to have stopped a lot of times due to her stressed lung capacity. What a thrill for me that I had to push myself so I could keep up with Josey and we crossed the finish line together!!!!

So, really I hike in hopes that we will all cross the finish line for a Cure Found!!!!

2023, will be my 8th year participating in the Xtreme Hike. As always, events like the Xtreme Hike are only successful because of compassionate individuals like you. I ask you once again to make a difference for someone else. Your financial contribution will allow someone else to live a better life. 

You can make personal donations online, http://fightcf.cff.org/goto/primbey2023 today! We cannot do it without YOU! As their aunt, I can say on behalf of the family, we remain forever grateful for your diligent support and generosity over the years and now. Without you and your help, progress towards a cure would not be as close as it is today.

Happy Trails….

Many Blessings, 


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