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Indianapolis CF Cycle for Life 2020 - Virtual

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IMPORTANT NOTE: To protect the health and well-being of the cystic fibrosis community and CF Foundation staff during the COVID-19 outbreak, the cystic fibrosis community is finding new ways to come together through virtual experiences. While we will not be together in person, we can be together in spirit and participate virtually - showing the strength of our community and passion to find a cure for all people living with cystic fibrosis.

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Raised: $2,200.00

Goal: $4,000.00

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Our Cycle for Life Story

2016 G.R.A.N.T. Cycle Team!
2016 G.R.A.N.T. Cycle Team!

Cycle For Life

Cycle – in this case short for bicycle… not unicycle, motorcycle or wash cycle. This particular two-wheel, two-pedal, two handlebar bicycle is also ridden by two people that you know. Tandem means that out of necessity this couple must do everything in unison – start together, lean together, stop together. Communication must be shared in order for the fun to be doubled. This couple simply and strategically must work together in tandem to get where they want to go.
Off the bike this couple also works together day after day in love. They work together to strive to be healthy. One full of patience, the other steadfast, diligently doing treatments – some lasting five minutes and others closer to an hour two to three times daily. In tandem they look forward to each new healthy day and adventure.
After a relatively easy almost two years of good health cystic fibrosis-wise, a return to reality came at the end of April for Debbie. A cold, annoying for most, landed her in the hospital for four days. That illness was quickly followed by a second one. These back-to-back illnesses reminded us of the urgent fight that we are still in and just how important the research for a CF cure is.
Soon, we will hit the road and ride again to promote a cure. Please know that the money being raised when we ride for CF is making a huge difference. But we aren’t there yet. The newest drug – Symdeko – is helping. Another drug will most likely be approved within the next year that is even more effective. With each new opportunity, more with CF are getting treatment, but we are still searching for that illusive cure.
Will you join us in our quest? Every dollar helps. Every dollar is encouragement to this tandem couple. Every dollar says you are with us in this battle. Every dollar will spur us to pedal for twenty-five miles to show our commitment to one another and to fighting for the cure.
Partner with us in this Cycle For Life -- a healthier, longer life. Ride, Donate, Pray, Cheer, Encourage. Visit http://fightcf.cff.org/goto/TeamGRANT

Love, Jeff and Debbie!

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Debbie Grant $1,035.00
Jon Bannon $150.00
Julie Bannon $150.00
Sherry Burgess $0.00
William Burgess $0.00
Ronald Gable $515.00
Jeff Grant $350.00
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