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Colorado CF Cycle for Life 2020

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IMPORTANT NOTE: To protect the health and well-being of the cystic fibrosis community and CF Foundation staff during the COVID-19 outbreak, the cystic fibrosis community is finding new ways to come together through virtual experiences. While we will not be together in person, we can be together in spirit and participate virtually - showing the strength of our community and passion to find a cure for all people living with cystic fibrosis.

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Raised: $2,310.00

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  • Sarah & nephew Julian!

Dear Friends & Family,

The Ride must go on! We’re conducting a virtual CF Cycle for Life ride this year because we cannot put on hold our efforts to fight CF. The hard work of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to conduct life-saving and life-changing research are too important to suspend. So, we will ride – maybe not all together on one celebratory day – and we will raise funds through the donations from our circle of friends and family members. Yikes, it's just 3 weeks from now - hope you can help right away!

It seems that the CFF hits a home run just about every year lately. This past year’s success story – Trikafta! The third in a series of revolutionary drugs, that together have now impacted the lives of more than 90% of CF patients, was approved by the FDA late last year. Before Trikafta, approx. 50% of CF patients, based on their genotype, benefited from drugs that treat the root cause of CF, giving them a new lease on life. Trikafta boosts that to more than 90% of CF patients, a huge gain. But the CFF has always had the goal to reach ALL patients, adopting the slogan “Till it’s done!” Individuals with what are called “nonsense” (extremely rare) mutations will NOT be left behind.

Each of you know that this ride is very personal to me. I was recently asked “Why do I participate in the CF Cycle for Life Ride every year?” Having been a part of the initial effort in 2003 to build a cycling fundraising event for the CFF, my love of cycling, coupled with being a CF Dad, inspired me and others to see what we could do to create a new event by reaching out to a new group of people. Seventeen years later, we're still going strong. My favorite part of this event has been watching it grow around the country into such a popular experience across the CF Community. And, of course, Ride Day itself is always such a high-energy occasion from start to finish, with support from CFF staff, volunteers, and the community at large, all there to create excitement for what is a physically and emotionally exhausting event. Knowing the funds we help raise have made such an important difference in our family's lives, and seeing Sarah thrive as a direct result of the Foundation's research, brings a huge rush of emotions every time I think about it! That’s why!

I hope you will once again consider a contribution to this year’s cycle event in Sarah’s name. Doing so will help the CFF fund more successful research to find treatments for patients suffering from the more than 2,000 genetic mutations that make up this horrible disease. Click on the link below to easily and safely donate to “Sarah’s Riders”, our team name since 2003.

Thank you again for making a difference in our lives!

- Walt & Family