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Albany CF Climb 2024

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Raised: $410.00

Goal: $500.00

My CF Climb Story

Hi! I’m Kellen, THE name behind Kellen’s Mighty Warriors! My name Kellen means “mighty warrior” because my parents knew how strong I needed to be!! Well, I live up to my name everyday! There are a lot of people who love me and support CF that I am thankful for! I’m also thankful for all of the scientists and doctors so that I can play football, hockey, basketball, ski & be the fastest kindergartener in my class! Plus, I have a big brother and a dad who I have to beat up so I make sure I take all of my vitamins, enzymes & breathing treatments so I remain a fearless mighty warrior! This year, as your ambassador,  I am going to be the cute face you see climbing the stairs in the kid event! I’m going to race my brother and win! I hope you come climb with me and help raise awareness and money for CF so you can help other kids like me who are lucky we have all of the amazing treatments we have today!! 

 Please support me!

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of cystic fibrosis and your support matters. With your help, we can invest our resources in research today, while raising funds for tomorrow, to ensure we have what it takes to reach the finish line. Together, we can make CF stand for Cure Found. Please help me reach my fundraising goal by donating to my CF Climb fundraising campaign today!


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