2024 39th Annual Tower Climb and Run

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Raised: $8,592.99

Goal: $7,000.00

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The Valero Team 2023
The Valero Team 2023

Thank you for visiting the Valero Team Page!

Valero’s CARING culture lives out in many ways, thanks to a team of employees who stay dedicated to each other and to the communities they serve. 

Valero Volunteers build connections, improve lives, and treat every day as an opportunity to make a positive impact in the world. This includes bringing our volunteer spirit to community fitness events for great causes! For 15 years, Valero has been a proud supporter of the Tower Climb and Run for the South Texas Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF).  

Why do we do this? To honor and raise critical funds on behalf of the 30,000 Americans living with cystic fibrosis – moms, dads, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, friends, and co-workers who struggle every day just to breathe. We climb for them!

The Valero Team is ready to make 2024 the best year ever for participation. Join our team today, or make a donation and help raise critical funds to support the CFF mission to find a cure and improve the lives of those living with CF.

Every climber who joins us makes a difference!

Please visit our official Team Valero page at www.valero.com


Team Roster

Valero Raised
Self-donation Claudia Hardeman $1,003.54
Self-donation Daniel Acosta $40.00
Self-donation Crystal Alcalar $100.00
Adewole Alitonou $0.00
Ahila Arulmani $100.00
Periasamy Arulmani $100.00
Dharani Arumugam $0.00
Ronav Boggavarapu $0.00
Self-donation Srinivasa Boggavarapu $100.00
Self-donation Carmen Britt $150.00
Self-donation Luis Busmail $100.00
Jose Canas $0.00
Gabriella Castro $100.00
Cathy Cavanaugh $0.00
Amelia Chambers $0.00
Danielle Chambers $0.00
Casey Cox $291.52
Robert Cox $0.00
Self-donation Kassie Davidson $50.00
Amber Dunithan $0.00
Nicholas Duree $1,870.00
Adrian Espinoza $0.00
Corrie Fowler $0.00
Estella Garza $0.00
Veronica Garza $100.00
Self-donation Michele Gaston $100.00
Sandesh Ghawghawe $100.00
Self-donation Ralph Gomez $100.00
Ellie Harr $0.00
Self-donation Allyson Haskins $50.00
Shane Haskins $0.00
Edward Hernandez $0.00
Tanya Hernandez $300.00
Kimbelry Krepps $100.00
Self-donation Shawna Krepps $100.00
Calen Lambert $0.00
Daniel Lambert $0.00
Haley Lopez $0.00
Amaury lozano $0.00
Kyle Manning $0.00
Self-donation Phillip Maresh $100.00
Johnny Marquez $0.00
Judy Marquez $0.00
Self-donation Audrey Martinez $650.00
Self-donation Francisco Martinez $50.00
Natalie Mathes $0.00
Hannah McCandless $0.00
Self-donation Diana Moczygemba $250.00
Noe Molina $255.00
Nadine Mong'are $0.00
Self-donation Raju Mudunuri $100.00
Self-donation Brett Nellis $125.00
Sylvia Nellis $125.00
Self-donation Connie Nicolas $100.00
Mariano Pardo $0.00
Self-donation Joe Polvado $100.00
Alejandro Porter $100.00
Regina Porter $100.00
Self-donation Matt Prarat $100.00
Self-donation Andrea Quijano $165.00
Taylor Riley $0.00
Adrian Roda $0.00
Gabriel Roda $0.00
Jacqueline Rodriguez $0.00
Jesenia Rodriguez $0.00
Self-donation Juan Silva $100.00
Brian Skillern $0.00
Self-donation Dora Skillern $250.00
Prasanna Sugavanam $0.00
German Tirado $0.00
Franklin Truax $0.00
Mackenzie Truax $0.00
Michelle Valadez $0.00
Gabriella Vasquez $0.00
Self-donation Jon Villarreal $150.00
Stephen Vought $100.00
Self-donation Sonia Weaver $70.00
Christopher Wilburn $0.00
Self-donation Alexis Williams $100.00
Paul Wishart $97.93
Self-donation Cameron Wolf $150.00
Self-donation Wayne Woodard $100.00
Bryan Wright $0.00
Self-donation Vicki Zheng $100.00
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