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We welcome volunteers with a wide range of talents and skills. There are many Xtreme Hike jobs to choose from, including hike coaches and a medical team, and we also need year-round volunteers in the office.

Hike Committee Volunteer Opportunities:

Event Chair: The Event Chair works closely with Xtreme Hike staff lead to recruit, train, and manage committee volunteers, sponsors (both in-kind and cash) and participants throughout the event.   

Trail Lead: The Trail Lead is a hike expert and is familiar with all hiking trails in and around the event location.  The Trail Lead helps to support the trail logistics both pre-event and hike day.  With the support of the Xtreme Hike staff this volunteer helps to identify the event trail, maps aid stations, trail markings and plans out training needed to successfully complete the hike.  Trail Lead will also use their expertise to provide a pre-hike safety training during hike weekend.

Food & Beverage Lead: Food & Beverage lead assists the Xtreme Hike staff to identify all the food and beverage needs for the weekend.  In efforts to keep event costs down, the Food and Beverage Lead will also solicit for in-kind donors.  

Hike Coaches: Hike Coaches work hand-in-hand with the Trail Lead and Xtreme Hike staff to determine the schedule and lead training hikes leading up to Hike weekend.  Hike Coaches will also help to lead the hikers on hike day along the trail.  Hike Coaches are fitness guru’s or avid hikers.

Day-Of Event Volunteer Opportunities:

Aid Station Volunteers: Aid Station Volunteers will support hikers at a designated aid station on the trail. Their responsibilities range from aid station set up, checking in with hikers when they arrive at the aid station, providing food and beverage to hikers and cheering them along on the way. 

Photographer: We need a photographer who can volunteer to take photos of teams, sponsors, start and finish line, route and celebration photos.

Year-Round Volunteer Opportunity:

Office Volunteers We are always looking for volunteers to help during various times in our offices. We work on many tasks to prepare for the hike, including mailings, packet preparation, phone banking, and much more.

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