Fight CF Mobile App

The Fight CF mobile app is a great way to fundraise on the go. It’s easy to get started! Register for your CF Climb event and then follow these steps:

1. Download the App

Download the app on Google Play


Go to the Android - Google Play Store and download the application called Fight CF.

Download the app on Apple iTunes

iOS (iPhone)

Go to the iTunes App Store and download the application called Fight CF.

2. Log In

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it on your phone. Enter the user name and password you created when you registered.

3. Start Fundraising!

Using the mobile app, you can:

  • Request Donations – ask friends and family to donate to your efforts.
  • Send Reminders – follow up on donation requests.
  • Use various communication channels – choose the best method to solicit donations

The Request Donations and Send Reminder messages will include a link directly back to your personal CF Climb donation page, where your friends and family can give a secure, online donation.

The Fight CF app comes loaded with suggested messages for email, texts, Facebook updates, tweets and talking points for phone calls. You can personalize each message by editing the text within the suggested message.