2019 Great Strides National Ambassadors

Meet Hannah and George, this year’s Great Strides National Ambassadors.

Hannah Buck


Hannah is a 23-year-old with cystic fibrosis who loves blogging, playing the drums, and creating videos. This May, she looks forward to graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in creative writing and participating in her 18th Great Strides Walk along with her family and friends.

"When I was diagnosed with CF at the age of five, my parents immediately joined forces with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Together, they founded a Great Strides walk in our tiny hometown, and it's been totally apparent even since then that the Foundation thoroughly supports us in this fight. I have always felt seen by the Foundation - I have always felt heard and so has my family. I feel absolutely honored to be serving my community and standing with the great people at the Foundation as a 2019 Great Strides National Ambassador."

George Chelius



George is a 3-year-old CF Fighter from Tampa, Fla.  He was diagnosed with CF just two weeks after he was born, and since then his entire family, led by his parents Matt and Elisa Chelius, have united across the nation to help raise funds and awareness for his rare disease. While George is too young to be leading the charge just yet, he has proven to be very brave when it comes to his daily treatments, hospitalizations, and taking on the challenges that CF presents.

"When George was diagnosed with CF, we felt hopeless and fearful for his future. However, as we became more educated and active within the cystic fibrosis community, what previously seemed so daunting started to feel like a fight that we were prepared to take on and win.  The Foundation has been a constant source of support, guidance, and education for us, and we are eternally grateful for everything they do to help those suffering from CF and for their dedicated mission to finding a cure. We are honored to share our story as a 2019 Great Strides National Ambassador."
- Elisa Chelius, George’s mother