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Why I Cycle: CF Cycle for Life Spotlight Series

The CF Cycle for Life Spotlight Series features individuals who inspire and bring hope to their local CF community and raise funds and awareness for cystic fibrosis – all while cycling through some of the most scenic cities and trails in the nation. We hope these stories give you insight into the determination and passion of these cyclists, and that you consider finding a ride near today! Together, we can pedal towards a cure for cystic fibrosis.

Greetings from Massachusetts

Team Name: Zapatos Blancos

CF Event: CF Cycle for Life

Zapatos Blacons Cyclists CF Cycle for Life

The Zapatos Blancos team members are 15 strong and started participating in CF Cycle for Life over 8 years ago to help raise money for the CF Foundation. Last year, they raised close to $32,000 in just one month. Read their story about what inspires them to keep coming back to the event, and how their family members are choosing to get involved and get behind the mission of CFF as well

Greetings from Arizona

Team Name: Cycling Anarchists

Kirk rides on Cycling Anarchists

Kirk is an adult with CF who was officially diagnosed in his 40s. He stays busy with his involvement in CF Foundation events by participating in CF Cycle for Life, 65 Roses Endurance Challenge, the Gala, advocacy, and was recognized last year with the CF Star award.

“I ride to bring awareness to cystic fibrosis and show that this is a disease that can be mitigated and does not need to a be a death sentence for so many people. I ride to generate hope and determination. Ride on!”

Kirk attributes his active lifestyle to be a big part in why he is still here today, especially considering that he was diagnosed so late in life. “The CF Foundation, Vertex Guidance and Patient Support, Compass, and others have been tremendously supportive and have helped made my monthly medication affordable. I have tried to give back by participating in the CF Cycle for Life event and fundraising for CF. These are all resources that I did not know even existed until I attend a Gala in Tucson. I have been lucky, but I also never gave up hope. I am now in my late 60s and hope my example can be a small inspiration and source of hope for others who have CF. Together we can find a cure.”

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