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Top Hikers & Teams

Xtreme Hike participants who go above and beyond in their fundraising efforts will earn the title of “top hiker.” They will receive special recognition online and on hike day.

What is a top hiker?      2014 Hike Blueprint:MILESTONE:1227

Any hiker can become a Top Hiker by raising $5,000 or more. Once you have raised $5,000, you will earn an award badge to display on your Xtreme Hike web page. You will also receive special recognition at your Xtreme Hike event.

Follow this easy plan to raise $5,000 and become a top hiker:

  1. Your initial registration donation will count towards your recommended fundraising goal -$100
  2. Make a $10 contribution for each training hike you go on (estimate of 10) - $100
  3. Ask 20 neighbors for $20 each -        $400
  4. Ask your boss to contribute $100 - 
  5. Ask 10 co-workers for $25 each -  $250
  6. Ask 20 family members (parents, siblings, or aunt/uncle) for $50 each -$1,000
  7. Ask 10 businesses (doctor, dentist, drycleaner, realtor, bakery, restaurant, etc.) for $100 each -$1,000
  8. Ask 20 friends for $50 each -$1,000
  9. Ask 20 people at your place of worship, community organization, book club or social group to donate $25 each -   $500

  10. Post your Xtreme Hike event on Facebook and ask 22 friends for $25 each -

What is a top team?  2014 XTreme Hike Blueprint:TEAM_MILESTONE:10233CFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_30K_Color.png2014 XTreme Hike Blueprint:TEAM_MILESTONE:10234CFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_100K_Color.png

Any Xtreme Hike team that sets — and reaches — a fundraising goal of $20,000 or more will become a top team. You will receive a top team badge on your personal Xtreme Hike web page and special recognition at your local Xtreme Hike event.

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Dana Trokey shares her story about becoming involved with Xtreme Hike and how she draws inspiration her daughter, Isabelle, who lives with CF.

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