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Top Riders

CF Cycle for Life participants who go above and beyond to earn the CF Cycle for Life event jersey will receive special recognition online and at the ride.

What is a Top Rider? Top Rider Badge

Any cyclist can become a top rider by setting and meeting a fundraising goal of at least $750. Once you raise $750, you will earn a jersey badge to display on your CF Cycle for Life web page. You will also receive special recognition and an event jersey to wear at your CF Cycle for Life event.

Here are a few suggestions tp help you meet a fundraising goal of $750:

  1. Contribute $35 to your own campaign$35
  2. Ask four neighbors for $20 each $80
  3. Ask your boss to contribute $50 $50
  4. Ask five co-workers for $25 each $125
  5. Ask four family members for $30 each $120
  6. Ask three businesses (doctor, dentist, drycleaner, realtor, bakery, restaurant) for $50 each $150
  7. Ask four friends for $35 each $140
  8. Ask two people at your place of worship, community organization, book club or social group to donate $25 each $50

What is a Top Team? CFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_5K_Color.png CFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_10K_Color.png CFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_15K_Color.png CFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_30K_Color.png CFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_100K_Color.png

Any CF Cycle for Life team that sets, and reaches, a fundraising goal of at least $5,000 or more will be recognized as a top team. Receive a top team badge to display on your personal CF Cycle for Life web page and special recognition at your local ride event.

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Why I Cycle

Megan Barlow, Greater New Jersey chapter’s CF Cycle for Life Ambassador, cycles alongside family and friends to help keep her lungs healthy and fight towards a cure for cystic fibrosis. 

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