How far would you go for a cure?

What is Passion Fundraising?

A Passion Fundraising event is when you turn your favorite hobby or pastime into a fundraising event.  Passion fundraising allows you to elevate fundraising efforts and meet suggested fundraising goals by getting your friends, family and community involved in a fun, exciting and personalized way. 


What is an example of a Passion Fundraising event?
Birthday Bash for CF – Turn your birthday into a fundraiser! Instead of asking for gifts for your birthday, ask for donations to your Passion Fundraising event!

Scavenger hunt – Set up a scavenger hunt for your friends through your favorite town!  The first to finish the race gets bragging rights!

Mother’s Day Everyday Tea Party – Hold a tea party for the favorite mother’s in your life, not just on Mother’s Day!

Burpees for breaths – $1=1 Burpee, hopefully you don’t have to do too many!

Murder Dinner Mystery –  This is a case of WHO DUN IT? Participants can race to find the murderer in a fun dinner event!

Boxing for breath – Box your way to a cure! Ask your gym or favorite instructor to host a class to raise funds for your event!

What tools are available to manage my event?
We have customizable webpages available for all registered Xtreme Hike participants to setup your event. You can register attendees, promote your event, sell tickets, recognize corporate donors and use social media to share your event through the website.

How do I get started?
First, you want to register for an Xtreme Hike event!  Click here to register! Then, from your participant center, click on “Fundraise through your Passion”.  To learn more about setting up an event, click here to watch a demonstration video.

Need help?
Please email us at passion@cff.org or call our customer service hotline at 1-855-407-3750, Monday through Friday from 8:30am-5:30pm ET for assistance with the Passion Fundraising online tool.

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Dana Trokey shares her story about becoming involved with Xtreme Hike and how she draws inspiration her daughter, Isabelle, who lives with CF.

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