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National Teams

Hike2019NationalTeams1.jpgBuild a National Team by registering and recruiting three or more affiliate teams at events across the country or at the same event site. National Teams provide an opportunity to engage with the community, harness the collective power of groups of people all over the country, and support the mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

National Teams can be formed across three team categories: 

Family Teams  ■   Corporate Teams  ■  Civic Teams

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Benefits to Becoming a National Team
National Teams receive fundraising coaching and strategy planning with local chapters and
the National Fundraising team, a fundraising toolkit, welcome letter, customizable team landing page, and event signage to help maximize team efforts and achieve fundraising success.

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Why I Hike


Dana Trokey shares her story about becoming involved with Xtreme Hike and how she draws inspiration her daughter, Isabelle, who lives with CF.

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