Top Riders

CF Cycle for Life participants who go above and beyond to earn the CF Cycle for Life event jersey will receive special recognition online and at the ride.  You can become a Top Rider or Top Team by taking these easy steps:

    • Jump start your fundraising with a self-donation.
    • Download the mobile app to help you fundraise on the go!
    • Link your participant center to Facebook Fundraising to make reaching your goal easy.
    • Host a Passion Fundraising event to engage your network of friends and family to support you.
    • Reach out to your network to ask for support.
    • Check to see if your company matches charitable gifts.

Become a 65 Roses Challenger or Champion!

Accept the challenge and raise $650 to become a 65 Roses Challenger and $1,000 to become a 65 Roses Champion.  Challengers and Champions receive benefits from their local Chapter as well as national recognition.  

Top Teams CFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_5K_Color.pngCFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_10K_Color.pngCFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_15K_Color.pngCFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_30K_Color.pngCFF_BadgeIcons_50x50_Top_Team_100K_Color.png

Any CF Cycle for Life team that sets, and reaches, a fundraising goal of at least $5,000 or more will be recognized as a top team. Receive a top team badge to display on your personal CF Cycle for Life web page and special recognition.