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Ft. Worth 2017

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Dear friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and readers,

I write fiction for a living. I write about family, faith, love, and laughter in a little mountain town called Eternity Springs. In publishing when we talk about plots, we often use the term "high concept." The high concept for my fiction series is that Eternity Springs is where broken hearts go to heal.

A special healing energy exists in the ES world. People who live there truly care about one another. They try to help one another. They work together for the betterment of the town and society. When I decided to create a GREAT STRIDES team, using the Eternity Springs name felt like a good fit.

You see, when my family learned that our newest member would be born with cystic fibrosis, our hearts broke. Now, we are asking for your help to further the cause of healing. 

Meet the newest angel in my family's sky--The Gift. My precious grandson was born in January 2017, and like thirty thousand other Americans, he is living with cystic fibrosis.

After my son and daughter-in-law broke the news of the diagnosis, I set out to educate myself about CF and the challenges that The Gift and his parents face. What I learned heartened me:

  • I learned that medicine has made GREAT STRIDES in recent years in the treatment of CF and toward the ultimate goal of finding a cure.
  • I learned that the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has played a large role in funding the medical research that has led to these advancements.
  • I learned that the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has a four out of four star rating from Charity Navigator. They are faithful stewards of funds they receive.

This is a great cause. That's not fiction. It's the truth.

So in the healing spirit of Eternity Springs, will you join us? Please, join Team Eternity Springs and walk with us! Walk with us virtually or physically on May 21st in Fort Worth! The party is at my house afterward!!

I have a special note to add to readers who are fans of my series. You know who you are. When you become a member of Team Eternity Springs and make a donation to the CF Foundation, you earn an address right smack-dab in middle of town. Cottonwood Street. Maybe Spruce. You get to pick. Celeste drops by for coffee! She brings rolls from Fresh!! Maybe Mortimer will pay a visit. Or...pick your hero. Chase? Gabe? Jack? Lucca? <g>

Primarily, though, when you join our GREAT STRIDES team and support the CF Foundation, you become part a growing group of people committed to finding a cure for cystic fibrosis and adding tomorrows to the lives of angels like our little Gift.

For anyone interested in walking with the team at Great Strides on May 21st in Fort Worth, I promise you a fun, family-friendly event. If you have any questions email me at emily@emilymarch.com. As always, thank you for your support.

Warmest wishes,


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Super Strider Emily March $4,495.00
T-Shirt Old Irish Grandma . $235.00
Doris Abramson $10.00
Lois Armstrong $10.00
Miriam Aronson $0.00
Kim Atchue-Cusella $10.00
Pj Ausdenmore $25.00
H. Elizabeth Austin $20.00
Rachel Barckhaus $20.00
Patricia Barraclough $25.00
Shari Bartholomew $50.00
Nicole Beuchel $0.00
Deborah Blanchard $0.00
Jean Boe $0.00
Priscilla Bradley $0.00
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Courtney Buchanan $0.00
Super Strider Nicole Burnham $510.00
Kat Canganelli $0.00
T-Shirt Robyn Carr $150.00
Norma Carroll $0.00
Penni Case $10.00
Alisha Collins $0.00
Kendyl Comer $10.00
Amy Conley $0.00
John Connors $0.00
Christine Cregar $25.00
Ashleigh Davis $0.00
Kathy Davis $0.00
Kisa Dawson $0.00
Jana DeLeon $0.00
Deborah Diesen $0.00
Franklin Dixon $0.00
T-Shirt Christina Dodd $315.00
Barbara Drozdowski $0.00
Catherine Edwards $0.00
Lynne Evans $55.00
T-Shirt Madison Fairbanks $250.00
Diane Faria $0.00
Ashley Ferrara $0.00
Kathleen Foley $0.00
Terri Forsythe $0.00
Chelsie Fountain $0.00
Kathleen Gardiner $0.00
Denise Getson $0.00
Sabrina Gorham $0.00
Diana Gould $0.00
Kelizabeth Green $50.00
Laura Lee Guhrke $0.00
Sandy Haber $0.00
Jacquie Hamilton $55.00
Lori Handeland $0.00
Fran Hanson $0.00
Lorraine Heath $0.00
Pam Herald $0.00
Jennifer Hernandez $0.00
Mary Hollifield $10.00
Linda Howard $25.00
Brandi Howell $50.00
Connie Hughes $10.00
Super Strider Eloisa James $600.00
T-Shirt Molly Jarrell $145.00
Melody Jean $50.00
Jessica Jones $20.00
T-Shirt Linda Winstead Jones $100.00
Jeniffer Karas $0.00
Chris Keniston $5.00
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Betty King $0.00
Kathryn Klauman $0.00
Jenelle Klavenga $0.00
Karen Krack $0.00
T-Shirt Jayne Ann Krentz $250.00
T-Shirt Michael Kulpa $150.00
Judie Lancaster $25.00
Dorothea Landowski $25.00
Doris Lankford $0.00
Beth Lechman $0.00
Aline Lewis-Pack $0.00
Jill Limber $0.00
T-Shirt Caroline Linden $100.00
T-Shirt Julia London $170.00
Bernadette Long $25.00
Super Strider Susan Mallery $525.00
T-Shirt Jayme Maness $155.00
Linda Manthey $0.00
Marychristine Markunas $0.00
Barbara Martin $0.00
Danielle Marzocca $10.00
Catherine Masterson $0.00
Rebekah May $0.00
Stephanie Mayers $0.00
Gale Schexnayder Moch $50.00
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Raynelle Nazario $0.00
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Erika Patrick $0.00
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Roberta Peden $0.00
Maria Pellegrino $10.00
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Tabatha Pope $0.00
Alina Popescu $0.00
Pam Prehn $0.00
Kathi Procopio $0.00
Michael Procopio $0.00
Debbie Quaas $0.00
Suzie Quebedeaux $0.00
T-Shirt Julia Quinn $155.00
Paula Radell $55.00
Susan Randleman $0.00
Teri Rodiek $0.00
Jerilynn Rodriguez $0.00
Rhiannon Rowland $0.00
Brenda Rumsey $0.00
Renee Salasche $0.00
Kim Sams $0.00
Linda Scarchuk $0.00
Catherine Scheihing $55.00
Stacy Schooler $0.00
Paula Schroeder Albrecht $0.00
Maureen Sheil $25.00
Susan Sizemore $0.00
Jill Snyder $0.00
Gina Soo Hoo $0.00
Kena Sosa $0.00
Carrie Sprys $0.00
Merrilee Steele $10.00
Mariah Stewart $0.00
Laura Tavares $10.00
RaeAnne Thayne $10.00
Jodi Thomas $0.00
Lanese Thomas $25.00
Niki Thomas $0.00
Amanda Toney $0.00
Kim Trask $0.00
Amanda Trower $0.00
Tina Aka Ladymoon Aka Lunamoon Ullrich $10.00
Annette Vallow $0.00
Morgan Van Lier $0.00
Shirley Vandine $0.00
Joana Varela $0.00
Jodi Vorwald $10.00
Lisa Watford $0.00
Eileen Wells $0.00
Suzanne Westenhofer $25.00
Virginia Wexler $18.00
Susan Wiggs $25.00
Jenny Wilcox $0.00
Lori Wilde $0.00
Susan Wilkinson $0.00
Meryle Winslow $0.00
Jennifer Wolfe $0.00
Alisha Woods $15.00
T-Shirt Rebecca Zanetti $200.00
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