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New York City 2017

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Raised: $6,869.17

Goal: $4,500.00

My Great Strides Story

  • Kiran and dada bear enjoying Prospect Park
  • Raj and Kiran, brothers hand in hand

I walk for my son, Kiran. He’s a beacon of light in our family. At such a young age (he was diagnosed before his first birthday) he must walk uphill while the rest of us walk on level ground. His body doesn’t work like most people’s. It requires additional vitamins, lots more food, exercise, and morning/evening treatments for breathing. As he gets older, his treatments will only increase. That’s where you come in. More on that later.

Despite all of that, Kiran is rambunctious, precocious, smart, funny, charming, and above all else, loving. He gives the best hugs, “big hugs,” as he likes to say, and you can feel the love pouring out of him. He is a doting brother to Raj, and has developed a curious and precious habit of appending “bear” onto everyone’s name. There is nothing quite like hearing your son wake up in the morning and call out, “dada bear!” Introduce yourself to him, and you might become his next bear-friend.

Loving family and friends surround Kiran. His greatest advocate in life is his mom, Carolyn. She meticulously prepares all of his food so that his nutrition supports his growth and development. He will always have to eat many more calories than his peers, and getting a toddler to eat is no small feat! We are all so fortunate to have Carolyn to care for us, and Kiran is no exception.

Last year our walk team was one of the biggest in New York City! Because of our fervent family of supporters, Carolyn was asked to chair the event this year. We are so grateful to all of you for making this the case.

I must tell you about the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The money we raise here goes almost entirely into research. Research into cystic fibrosis has recently created massive advances in treatment options. Kiran, unfortunately, has yet to benefit from the new medicines, though has benefited significantly by the way CF is now handled and treated. The research is so promising and needs significant support. We pray every day for a cure for Kiran. Please find it in your heart to support us in any way you can. It is not about how much you contribute but that we have your support, Kiran has your support, and all those with CF have it, too.

The walk is a blast, and we are expecting another big group this year. You can sign up to walk (on June 4th), contribute funds, or do both! We’ll be going both and hope to see many of you out there this spring. We love you and thank you for your friendship and support.


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