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Tuscola 2014

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Raised: $8,021.00

Goal: $1,000.00

My Great Strides Story

This is Cheriz's Fundraising page and where you can donate or join the City Of Princeton's Walk Team! JUNE 28, 2014 at Zearing Park in Princeton!

JOIN US! at the Princeton Walk! (if we get enough people and money raised, we can make this an official Walk site!

DONATE! Donate to your own walking goal or donate on a team member’s page! Donations are tax decductible.Also, feel free to send me a check made to “CF Foundation” Contact me on my blog for more info! 

SPREAD WORD: Ask your family, friends to donate or walk with you/us! Sharing on Facebook or any social media will help our team grow!

Here's my CF story:

In 1985, I was born 12 weeks premature, life flighted and had surgery to remove 10% of my intestines. I was born with a severe intestinal blockage. This is one way they could tell I had CF and within a 2 months I was diagnosed. I spent the first 6 months in the hospital. Finally my parents got  to bring me home. But sure enough every year at least 2-3 times a year I’d be back in the hospital with a lung infection or bowel obstruction. Now, at the age of 29 I can do IVs at home, so I don’t have to interrupt my life every time I’m ill. However, I have had over 14 surgeries and it takes me quite a while to recover. My last surgery was in June 2013 for a triple Hernia repair. Despite my having Cystic Fibrosis, I’ve always lived my life like a regular person! I got my Bachelors Degree from the University of Illinois, love working, and spending time with family and friends.

I believe my obstacles (CF-Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Seizure Disorder) all have made me stronger as an individual. I work hard for what I want in life, but know I always have family and friends who support me. Some challenges I’ve overcome include getting my Stomach Tube out this summer (scheduled for 2014). I had the stomach tube put in shortly after receiving my mediport. I was in 7th grade and only weighed 40 lbs. I needed that tube and it saved me. I went from 40- 90 lbs in one year! Now at the age of 29, finally in the last 2 years I’ve been able to remain around 105 lbs. And with my weight being 108 today, Doc has finally given me his approval!

Also, my lung function (currently 55%) has been around the mid 50s for 3 years and HASN’T DECREASED AT ALL! This is thanks to all those NEW MEDICATIONS that are being researched and put on the market! When I was born in the 80’s we didn’t have Cayston or Tobi nebulizers, or even the vest machine. All these advances help us maintain a healthy and therefore, HAPPY lifestyle.

In fact, last year Kalydeco was approved, first drug to target an underlying cause (1 mutation) of CF. However, this only affects 4% of the CF community. Other mutations (such as mine) are always being researched currently. WE ARE SO CLOSE!!!!!

But we need your help! Great Strides Walks is the single LARGEST CF fundraiser! My team started out small, just a few friends raising $50. Today my team has grown to 50+ people at 4 different walk sites in IL.  Help our Team grow by donating, joining, and spreading word!

I have more Fundraising Tips for those who want to walk or raise money for the team at: http://www.cheriz.org/p/cf-events.html ( www.cheriz.org & click on CF Event & Fundraising Tab)

And for more info on the Princeton Walk (go to cheriz.org & click Princeton Walk Tab)

Much Love, Cheriz


29 w CF


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