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Step it up for CF Thursday evening, November 15 at 1201 Third Avenue in Seattle for our 30th Annual CF StairClimb! The StairClimb is a 56 Floor vertical challenge - each floor you conquer brings us one step closer to a cure for cystic fibrosis.

After climbing your way to the top, you take the freight elevator down to where the festivities begin. The Happy Landings Party will await you in the Atrium with great food and drinks provided by BJ's Restaurant & Brewery, Cascade Ice and more! Relax and get a massage, too! You earned it. All participants will receive a StairClimb t-shirt after the climb.

Individual and Team Climb:
Climb all 56 floors in a competitive stairwell. You will be given an individual and a team climb time (teams of 5 individual climbers or more). Individual times will be ranked in overall, gender and age group categories. A team score will be given by adding the top five times together for a best average. Each climber is responsible for meeting the fundraising minimum.

3-Person Relay: Three individuals divide the 56 floors, each climbing 19 floors. The first leg of the relay begins at the start line, the second leg on the 19th floor and the third leg on the 38th floor. The times of each climber will be added together for a final climb time. Relays begin at 5:45pm SHARP. Second and third legs will need to be in the stairwell by 5:30pm. There is no late start for relay teams.  Each climber is responsible for meeting the fundraising minimum.

4:30pm - Packet pick-up and check-in
5:45pm - Relay teams begin
6:15pm - Individuals & teams begin
6pm-8pm - Happy Landings Party, results posted & award ceremony

Special thanks to our Event Chairs Jim Kraft and Paul Swegle. The CF Foundation appreciates all of their hard work and dedication. Campaign for a Cure and the StairClimb would not be as successful without their support.

The StairClimb is dedicated to the memory of Jennifer Lynn Thanem, June 22, 1984 - August 6, 1999. For 10 years, she served as the Cystic Fibrosis Ambassador for the StairClimb. We miss her cheers and her smiling face.

Minimum Fundraising Requirement: $75

Minimum Fundraising Requirement Policy: The minimum pledge requirement of $75 is due on or before event day. If you have met your minimum pledge by the day of the event, we encourage you to keep fundraising. Reach for the stars and earn great rewards and recognition. Even though the minimum is due by the day of the event, you have one month after the event to earn these rewards.  The average amount a participant raises is $330.  Registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable and do not count towards your fundraising minimum. Thank you for adding tomorrows for people with cystic fibrosis.

Registration Fee Schedule:
1/1/18 - 10/15/18 = $15 
10/16/18 - 11/15/18 = $25 

Registration fees are non-refundable, are not tax deductible and do not count towards your fundraising total.

Questions? Contact the Event Director David Leon at the CF Foundation Washington Chapter at dleon@cff.org or call 206-282-4770.

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Top Teams

  1 -  Top Team 15K Gabriel's Legion ($22,210.00)
  2 -  E-Team ($4,132.00)
  3 -  Maggie's Marchers ($3,855.00)
  4 -  Let's Breathe ($3,165.00)
  5 -  Rocky ($3,023.00)

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Top Climbers

  1 -  Super Climber Self-donation Todd Harris ($16,400.00)
  2 -  Super Climber Self-donation Keith Jefferson ($4,132.00)
  3 -  Super Climber Nick Thompson ($3,100.00)
  4 -  Super Climber Paul Swegle ($2,750.00)
  5 -  Self-donation Renee Dickey ($2,550.00)

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Volunteer for CF Climb

Each volunteer helps make CF Climb an incredible event. Would you like to join the volunteer team? Do you have a friend or loved one who may want to be part of this effort as well? There are many skill-enhancing and fun volunteer opportunities to experience. Every volunteer makes a powerful impact, helping to raise awareness and funds in the CF Foundation’s quest for a cure for this disease.

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Climb Goal: $105,000.00

Raised: $66,013.00

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Climb Details

Date: 11/15/2018
Check-in: 4:30 PM
Start Time: 5:45 PM (relay teams), 6:15 PM (individuals)
Number of Steps: 56 floors
Location: 1201 Third Ave,
Seattle, WA
Event Coordinator Name: David Leon
Event Coordinator Email: dleon@cff.org
Event Coordinator Phone: 206.282.4770

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Please convert cash donations into a money order or check before mailing or bringing to the event.

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