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Our Team CF Story

Thank you for your interest in either donating to our team or becoming a part of it! 

If you have never heard of CF before, don't worry, you aren't alone. There are approximately 30,000 Americans living with cystic fibrosis -- a rare, genetic, life-shortening disease. They are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, friends and co-workers who struggle every day just to breathe. 

For all of us on this team, it is Hayden Byrd. Hayden is a friend, brother, son, boyfriend, co-worker, etc., but to us he's more than that. His sense of humor, radiating positivity, warm personality, and general presence make it hard to believe he has a life-threatening disease.  Needless to say, he has inspired each and every one of us in one way or another. 

Will you join us and help make a difference in the lives of people living with CF? If you wish to become a member of our team, click on the "Join our Team" button. If not, you can simply make a donation.

By becoming a member of our team and/or donating, you will help support lifesaving research and medical programs in the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis. If you do not feel compelled to donate, we appreciate you taking the time to read our page. Every bit of awareness makes a difference. Together, we can add tomorrows to the lives of people with CF!

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