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I am running the 2019 Chicago Marathon. 

I know, I know, why 26+ miles of self-inflicted hell?  Several reasons, but the most important reason is that I am raising money and awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  

What is cystic fibrosis (CF)? 

Cystic fibrosis is a rare, genetic, life-shortening disease.  It is a progressive, disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time.  Over 30,000 Americans suffer from this damn thing. They are moms, dads, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, friends and co-workers who struggle every day just to breathe.  The average lifespan is just under 40 years.  I said the average lifespan in a developed country is just under 40 years of age.  That's unacceptable.  But don't take my word for it.  Take a minute and let the Google or Bing bar educate you about the disease and the treatments.

Why do I care?

My close friend and coworker, Bobby Hammond, has two wonderful teenage daughters who battle this disease every day.  I have seen firsthand what real warriors are.  The Hammond's are warriors.  Things like multiple hospital visits, chest physical therapy, pharmaceutical treatments; packing oxygen tanks around, negotiating with hospital administrators and insurance carriers, etc.  The Hammond family pushes through these things that are necessary for CF treatment.  Maybe those things don't seem like much to most people, but what these warriors really do is fight for every single breath.  Something that most of us don't think about -- we of course can take a full deep breath of fresh air for granted.       


This isn't all doom and gloom.  Every day is an opportunity.  Every day holds hope.  Medicine, research, and discovery are all working together.  Real progress has been made in the search for a cure, but the lives of people with CF are still cut far too short. There still is no cure for this devastating disease, but together, we can help add tomorrows to the lives of people with cystic fibrosis.

Will you join me?

I have a personal goal of raising $2,000 with my Chicago Marathon run.  Team CF has a goal of raising $125,000.  

It's not easy for me to ask for help.  My friend Bobby wouldn't ask a soul for help either.  We are both proud people.  But we can't do it alone.  We need your support. You can help by donating an amount that is meaningful to you to my fundraising campaign today!  No amount is too little, and you can choose to remain anonymous if you wish.  I put my own money where my mouth is.  I donated to my own fund raiser and I will personally make up the difference if I cannot raise the $2,000 I committed to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  

What's the Catch?

A lot of you are like me -- we look at things sideways.  So what do I get out of this?  After all, it's a lottery system to enter and be selected to run the Chicago Marathon, right?  Yes, and I wasn't selected in the lottery.  So the CF Foundation is paying for my $205 entry fee into the marathon?  Nope, I paid  my own entry fee.  Do I get a percentage of funds raised or donated -- absolutely not!  Here's what I receive:  for any of you who have participated in distance running events, you know that a support group is vital and integral to your success.  I get to be part of Team CF -- people running and people cheering me on.  I also receive a guaranteed spot to run the race, 18 weeks of virtual marathon training, a Team CF t-shirt, a place to stow my clothes during the race; first aid help if I eat pavement; and an afterparty celebration with the team once the race is finished, aka a chair and lots of water.       

Dollars & Sense  

Your contributions are tax deductible. Furthermore, Charity Navigator gives this foundation a 98.23 overall score and rating. This means that your hard earned donation dollars go to where it matters most: to the people and their families who battle this disease -- not the lining of some fat cat charity executives' pockets.  Finally, I don't touch a cent.  Your donations are processed directly online through the CF Foundation.  

Please support me!

Help me reach my fundraising goal by donating to my campaign today. Your gift will help support lifesaving research, medical, and education programs for cystic fibrosis.


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