Maggie Mae's Monsters

26th Annual Run Like Hell

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Raised: $5,220.00

Goal: $5,000.00

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Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae

This year is our 7th  annual participation in the Run Like Hell as Maggie Mae's Monsters, and we are so excited to say that our team has raised over $25,000 alone since its establishment in 2011 when Maggie was first diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis!  A lot has happened over these seven years with wonderful new advancements in the treatment of this terrifying diagnosis, giving kids and adults like Maggie a chance to live longer, fuller lives!  These advancements and wonderful new therapies have been made available with the help of people like you, who take the time to donate to the cause and/or join us in raising awareness at events like Run Like Hell! One such medication, Kalydeco, was excitingly approved just this past month for Maggie's specific D1152H mutation, giving her access to a potential life saving treatment if and when she becomes more symptomatic from her disease process!

We would be honored if you would join our team this year and help add tomorrows for people with CF!

All you need to do to become a member of our team is click on the "Join our Team" button. From there, you can make a donation and start your fundraising.

By becoming a member of our team and/or making a donation, you will help support lifesaving research and medical programs and the search for a cure. Together, we can add tomorrows to the lives of people with CF, including our sweet Maggie Mae! 


Liz and Ben Gaitley

Team Roster

Maggie Mae's Monsters Raised
Liz Gaitley $3,545.00
Chris Auer $0.00
Ron Auer $25.00
Martha Baker $0.00
Jim Besl $0.00
Michael Besl $0.00
Joellen Bittner $115.00
Margaret Bockerstette $100.00
Nancy Bockerstette $0.00
Russ Bockerstette $250.00
Michael Browne $0.00
Sara Browne $100.00
Tami Buxel $0.00
Douglas Campbell $0.00
Ethan Campbell $0.00
Rachel Campbell $0.00
Jan Conversano $0.00
Richard Dangel $0.00
Nicole Denny $0.00
Sara Fair $100.00
Ben Gaitley $0.00
Dave Gaitley $0.00
greta gaitley $50.00
Maggie Gaitley $215.00
Tweedie Gaitley $0.00
Randy Gross $0.00
Terri Gross $0.00
Ashley Hartig $0.00
Michael Honan $0.00
Jeff Huser $0.00
Susan Huser $100.00
Sarah Kemme $0.00
Kurt Koch $0.00
Jared Kohler $0.00
Mary Kohler $0.00
kevin kraemer $0.00
Peggy Kramer $100.00
Nona Landis $35.00
Sonny Landis $0.00
Luke Louderback $50.00
Jay Moening $0.00
Aubrey Moore $0.00
Danielle Moore $0.00
Karen Niemeyer $20.00
Rick Niemeyer $0.00
Janie Oka $30.00
Tom Oka $0.00
Judy Papania $0.00
Cory Parks $0.00
Sarah Parks $0.00
Ken Pastura $0.00
Mike Pastura $0.00
Monica Pastura $0.00
Sophie Pastura $0.00
Lois Reis $0.00
Paul Reis $0.00
Kaitlyn Robbins $50.00
Max Robbins $50.00
Claire Robillard $0.00
Carmen Roser $0.00
Julie Roser $0.00
Matt Rowekamp $0.00
Sam Rowekamp $0.00
Sharon Sanker $100.00
John Schablein $0.00
Jessica Schachleiter $0.00
Kelly Schachleiter $0.00
Mike Schachleiter $0.00
Sharon Schachleiter $0.00
Tod Schachleiter $0.00
Jim Schoborg $0.00
Sarah Schoborg $0.00
Ann Schrader $30.00
Jared Smith $0.00
Kassie Smith $0.00
Allie Stephens $0.00
Joan Tenhundfeld $0.00
Dave Utah $0.00
Maryjo Utah $0.00
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