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About Xtreme Hike

Welcome to the 4th Annual Wisconsin Xtreme Hike.  Since 2013, our hikers have traversed over 2,500 miles of the Ice Age Trail (IAT) and have raised over $330,000 toward finding a cure for cystic fibrosis (CF). We are proud to bring our hike to central Wisconsin and explore the Devil’s Lake State Park section of the IAT.  Featuring rolling prairie, wooded slopes, balanced rock trails, and vertical stone steps, this year’s location epitomizes the physical and philanthropic challenge of Xtreme Hike.

The Wisconsin Xtreme Hike will take place over the weekend of September 23-25, with 25+ miles of trail to be conquered on Saturday.  Our hikers will enjoy accommodations for three days and two nights at Devil’s Head including our classic Friday night pasta party, our post hike blow-out and campfire, and our ‘Victory’ brunch on Sunday. 

Cystic fibrosis is a life-shortening disease which requires our commitment to find a cure. Xtreme Hike embodies this challenge in mind, body and soul.  While we prepare physically for Xtreme Hike, we also challenge ourselves to raise individual amounts of $2,500 and a state goal of $133,000.  

 The journey of participation includes:

  • Three months of training hikes starting July 9 and 10th
  • Training, work out, and hiking coaches
  • Urban hike tours and weekday Happy Hour Hikes
  • Direct interaction with CF parents and patients
  • Daily workout calendar
  • Accommodations for 3 days and 2 nights
  • Transportation to and from the trail on Hike Day
  • Aid stations along the trail, stocked with refreshing food and beverages
  • Official Xtreme Hike wicking shirt
  • Pre-hike pasta party
  • Prior to sunrise hike breakfast
  • Post hike dinner and reception
  • Victory breakfast

For more information, please contact Timothy Schmitt – 262-798-2060: tschmitt@cff.org

The journey starts the moment you sign up. You will receive personal coaching, participate in training hikes and connect with a community of people who share your aspiration to reach new heights. Learn about Xtreme Hike events across the country.

Hikers ages 18 and up may participate.  Click here to read the full Hiker Age Policy. 

Top Teams

  1 -  Top Team 30K The A's Team ($41,639.12)
  2 -  Top Team 30K Chief Long Stride & Tonto ($31,964.11)
  3 -  Team Brase ($13,440.00)
  4 -  Cary on for Kelly ($4,458.00)
  5 -  Do It For Dylan ($3,536.00)

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Top Hikers

  1 -  Super Hiker Self-Donation Greg Myers ($31,964.11)
  2 -  Super Hiker Self-Donation Thomas Hunter ($23,730.12)
  3 -  Super Hiker Self-Donation Carolyn Clow Ninedorf ($10,905.00)
  4 -  Super Hiker Self-Donation Paul Ryan ($10,184.00)
  5 -  Super Hiker Self-Donation Chad Kreblin ($9,067.00)

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Volunteer for Xtreme Hike

Would you like to join the volunteer team or do you know someone who would enjoy being a part of a winning team? There are many skill-enhancing and fun volunteer opportunities to experience. The contribution of each volunteer helps make Xtreme Hike more enjoyable and it helps raise funds to cure cystic fibrosis.

Become a Volunteer

Hike Goal: $133,000.00

Raised: $156,006.23

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Hike Details

Date: September 24, 2016
Check-in: Friday
Start Time: Saturday
Trail Mileage: 25 Miles
Location: Ice Age Trail: Devil’s Lake,
Baraboo, WI
Event Coordinator Name: Timothy Schmitt
Event Coordinator Email: tschmitt@cff.org
Event Coordinator Phone: 262-798-2060

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Please convert cash donations into a money order or check before mailing or bringing to the event.

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