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I want to start out this year by thanking all the people that have donated through us to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in the past two years.  As a father of a child with this gentic disease, I am so grateful to all of you who care enough to help.  I am also among a small group of people that get to see a charity that they are so passionate about really help those in need.  We are so close to finding a real cure and it feels great.

With that being said, the National Institute of Health (NIH) simply does not have the funding needed to keep up with the pace of the research.  Donations are becoming the biggest funding source required to keep this all going.  And this is where I am asking for your help to support those scientists that are on the front line.  There are drug companies helping find ways to manage the illness, but a cure is actually something that is in sight.

A new technology, CRISPR9, is paving the way to finding a real sure.  Rather than trying to explain it to you, I have included a link.  https://www.neb.com/tools-and-resources/feature-articles/crispr-cas9-and-targeted-genome-editing-a-new-era-in-molecular-biology

So as a parting note, please donate to what I consider to be a very important cause........ and a chance to win some bluetooth headphones.  Every donation is going to put your name into a contest for a chance to win.  $5 or $500 and you will still have the same chance to win.  I will announce the winner after the May 18th walk.


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