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Huntsville 2018

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Aaron as Poe Dameron
Aaron as Poe Dameron

Aaron Stephen Masterson was one of the brightest, most vivacious, and energetic kids on the planet. He battled CF with the fiercest determination and steeliest resolve. Sadly, Aaron lost his battle on February 4, 2018 after contracting the flu virus. He was only 12 years old.

In his 12 years, Aaron affected many people with his will, determination, courage, and overall approach to life as a CF Warrior. He loved Star Wars, the military, fire fighters, Legos, Spider Man, and Alabama football. He never stopped laughing or loving. 

Aaron's Army is dedicated to his memory and to the continued battle to find a cure for CF. The best way to honour Aaron, is to donate today to help us find a cure! 100% of the proceeds will go to CF research and will help other children, like Aaron, and adults living with CF lead the fullest lives through medical treatments, patient care programmes, and outreach programmes for CF families.

Donate today to help make CF stand for CURE FOUND!

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Super Strider Anya Douglas $6,753.00
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T-Shirt Jesse And Brooke Fox $100.00
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Anne Limbo $61.50
T-Shirt Kimberly Limbo $100.00
T-Shirt Don Masterson $100.00
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Super Strider Sara Masterson $540.00
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T-Shirt Cathy McMillen $100.00
Jon McMillen $0.00
Ryan McMillen $0.00
Ryley McMillen $0.00
T-Shirt Virginia Navarro $100.00
T-Shirt Amy Overton $100.00
Fatih Plunkett $20.00
Michael Rabban $20.00
T-Shirt Sandee Riopka $100.00
T-Shirt Christine Robinson $275.00
T-Shirt Greg Sharp $320.00
Bryson Spivey $20.00
Christina Spivey $0.00
Super Strider Huntsville High Swim & Dive $1,550.00
Super Strider Team Twins $575.00
T-Shirt Brandy Worthy $100.00
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