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Atlanta 2017

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For more than 10 years, my wife, Allison and I have been going to our network of friends, family and business associates to raise money for a cause that is very personal to us. Two of our three kids suffer from a disease called Cystic Fibrosis. CF is a genetic disease that affects more than 30,000 Americans and their families that manifests itself in progressive degeneration of lung and digestive function.

For many years, the CF Foundation has been funding amazing treatment and pharmaceutical research. The median age of survival has gone from age 6 (prior to the 1970's) to over 40 now (and counting). For certain strains of CF, there are drugs now available that actually turn off the genetic mutation.......very exciting! We are very hopeful that a cure will be found in the next 10-15 years!

Our kids are, thankfully, doing very well. Our son, Derek, is at Butler University and aside from occasional digestive issues, is very healthy and having a great time at college. Our younger daughter, Paige, is a senior in high school and looking forward to college. She has had a few bouts with lung problems including a pretty serious last but thankfully she is also very healthy. Both Derek and Paige is on one of the new CF drugs funded by your (and others) amazingly generous donations (something called Kalydeco) and both are seeing great results!

Over the years, we have raised more than $250,000 for CF research through the incredible generosity of our friends for the annual CF Great Strides Walk. We know you have many requests for your charity dollars, and we would be honored and humbled if you would consider donating to our CF cause.

We would be honored if you would walk with us!

Mike, Allison, Derek, Kyra and Paige


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Super Strider Michael Dekoning $32,185.00
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Sophia Aikman $25.00
Super Strider Julie Barrett $625.00
T-Shirt Tracey Bostwick $100.00
Haeseon Cho $0.00
T-Shirt Allison Dekoning $475.00
T-Shirt Wes & Jo Duesenberg $250.00
Raquel Espinoza $0.00
T-Shirt Meaghan Flood $155.00
Jason Gallant $25.00
Shania Jackson $0.00
Iraida Labra $25.00
Israel Labra $0.00
T-Shirt Phuong Le $100.00
T-Shirt Daniel Lee $125.00
T-Shirt Suzanne Luck $145.00
T-Shirt Meg Mathis $165.00
Carl Newton $0.00
T-Shirt Murali Niverthi $100.00
Emily Phan $0.00
T-Shirt Peggy Quinn $205.00
Karen Riendeau $25.00
T-Shirt Emily Roman $100.00
Craig Smith $50.00
Iris Smith $0.00
T-Shirt Jeannie Smith $100.00
John Smith $0.00
Super Strider Carol Sullivan $4,824.00
James Swinton $55.00
Mark Tanner $50.00
Gloria Tran $0.00
Landon Tran $0.00
Leia Tran $0.00
T-Shirt Tien Tran $175.00
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