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Atlanta 2017

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Raised: $36,324.50

Goal: $30,000.00

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Drew's Crew 2014 - How 'bout that picture quality?
Drew's Crew 2014 - How 'bout that picture quality?

What do you get when you combine incredible friends and family, a passion for curing cystic fibrosis, and a word that rhymes with Drew? Drew's Crew!

Drew's Crew is dedicated to finding a cure for CF. In the past three years, Drew's Crew has raised more than $100,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Although that's quite remarkable, we won't stop until CF stands for cure found.

So who's Drew? Drew is a young(?) adult who dreams of accomplishing big things despite having CF. Drew has never let CF stop her before, and she could use your help to continue winning the fight. Every donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation will help to improve Drew's life, as well as the lives of the approximately 30,000 people living with CF in the U.S.

So what's CF? CF is a genetic disease primarily affecting the respiratory and digestive systems. People with CF often have chronic lung infections, resulting in loss of lung functioning. Drew does breathing treatments every day in an attempt to fight off lung infections and keep her airways clear. Something that comes so easily to others -- breathing -- is a battle for those with CF.

Please consider supporting Drew's Crew in 2017. You can (a) walk with us, (b) fundraise for us, (c) donate to us, (d) share our story, or (e) all of the above. Help us find a cure for CF!


Team Roster

Drew's Crew - Join Team Raised
Super Strider Drew Dotson $11,995.00
Super Strider Ramon Alvarado $7,260.00
T-Shirt Noodle Beagle $365.00
T-Shirt Alicia Bellezza-Watts $320.00
Super Strider Miles Cliatt $3,250.00
T-Shirt Emily Dent $338.00
Super Strider Carol Dotson $5,896.50
T-Shirt Matt Griffin $465.00
Chris Harbour $20.00
Tina Harris $75.00
T-Shirt Muriel Johnson $365.00
T-Shirt Rebecca Maguire $325.00
Super Strider Muriel Koos Memorial $1,670.00
Super Strider Ethan Smith $2,525.00
Super Strider Claire Timmins $1,280.00
T-Shirt Dwain Watts $175.00
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