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As you may know, our son Hayden has cystic fibrosis (CF). If you are unfamiliar with CF, it is a genetic, respiratory and digestive disease. Currently, there is no cure for CF. 

On May, 20, we will be walking right here in Suwanee in The Great Strides walk to raise awareness about CF and money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I am asking for your help by making a donation on behalf of Hayden's Team. We also invite you to walk with us on Hayden's Team. If you aren't local, consider starting your own Hayden's Team and walk where you live.  You can make a difference for Hayden and other kids with CF. Your donation will add tomorrows!! Read on to see why I say that, and if you don't know Hayden first hand, watch his video to see who he is, what a great kid he is, what it is like to have CF, and why we need your help to find a cure!

Thankfully, for a kid with CF, Hayden continues to be really "healthy". Looking at Hayden, you would never know that he has CF. He works really hard every day to keep himself healthy. When he wakes up each day, he does 2 different nebulizer breathing treatments. He also does a 30 minute mechanical vest treatment; the vest vibrates and shakes his lungs to loosen the mucus. Before meals and snacks, he takes pancreatic enzymes that help his body absorb the nutrients from food. He also takes several types of vitamins, and other medicines. Hayden takes at least 27 pills each day. Each night, he does another nebulizer breathing treatment and 30 minute mechanical vest treatment. If Hayden catches a cold and has a cough, he immediately goes on antibiotics and does extra breathing and vest treatments to ward off lung infection. Getting plenty of rest and exercise is also very important for Hayden. Despite this daily routine, Hayden excels in school and sports. He is so very healthy thanks to donors like you who have helped add tomorrows! Today I am asking for your help.

Why is your help so important? The CF Foundation is crucial in helping Hayden and the CF population. CF is considered an orphan disease, which means the patient population is small.  It is so small that it is not profitable for pharmaceutical companies to invest the billions of dollars it takes to develop treatments.  The CF Foundation has been extremely successful in filling that gap.  The many medications and therapies that help keep Hayden healthy are a direct result of seed money given by the CF Foundation to the pharmaceutical companies.  Despite the life threatening nature of cystic fibrosis, this is a time of hope for Hayden and the CF population.  There are medicines that are currently being studied that show significant improvement in people with CF.  To put some perspective on the significance of the efforts of the CF Foundation, in the 1950's, children with CF were not expected to live to attend elementary school.  Today the life expectancy of a person with CF is projected to be in the mid 40's.  This dramatic improvement is thanks to the generosity of donors and everyone involved with the CF Foundation.  As I hope you can see, every dollar donated to the CF Foundation truly helps Hayden and those with CF.  Your donation really does make a difference in finding a cure!!! Your donation can provide Hayden and other CF patients with a healthy future; you can add tomorrows!

So, we need your help! We need your support. Please consider making a donation to Hayden's Team, and we would love to have you come walk with us on May 20. Making a donation is easy and secure, and your gift is 100-percent tax deductible. Just click the "Donate to Me" button on my fundraising page to make a donation that will support Hayden's Team. If you wish to walk with us, simply click the "Join My Team" button.  
If you prefer, please feel free to write a check payable to "Cystic Fibrosis Foundation" and mail it to our home address, 341 Spring Willow Dr., Sugar Hill, GA 30518.


Thanks for your help to Add Tomorrows!

Gratefully and from my heart, Elizabeth


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