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St. Louis 2018

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Join TEAM RUN FOR ROSES and help add tomorrows!

We will be thrilled to have you join Team Run for Roses! Team Run for Roses is working tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for the approximately 30,000 Americans living with cystic fibrosis. Since 2011, when Colleen ran from STL to NYC, 1,000 miles in 65 days, to spread awareness, share stories and raise funds for a cure for CF, we have been 'running' and 'cycling' and organizing other events to raise the necessary funds for research for that CURE!

It takes hours of treatments and handfuls of meds each day for those with CF to 'just breathe'. We walk / run for them because WE CAN. WILLYOU JOIN US?

To become a member of our team just click on the "Join our Team" button. One click of the button and you will begin to make a HUGE difference, spreading awareness and helping those with CF 'breathe easier'. Any donation is appreciated! With a minimum donation of $30 you will also receive our Team Run for Roses short sleeve team shirt; with a minimum donation of $65 you will receive our long sleeve 1/4 zip tech team shirt!!

Katie, the inspiration for Run for Roses, now 23,ran her 2nd marathon this January!  Katie is in her first year of graduate school for social work at Washington University in St. Louis, where she plans to specialize with kids with chronic illnesses.  Katie's daily routine starts and ends with treatments: breathing, airway clearance and antibiotics to prepare her for her full day. Running is also incorporated into her busy schedules to facilitate good lung functioning.

What more could she do with the extra two hours each day?

That is where all this comes in! WITH YOUR SUPPORT, OU HELP GIVE THOSE WITH CF A HEALTHIER LIFE! Thank you for always supporting us and our efforts, for your donations and most importantly for being great friends, without whom we could not do this. Please continue your prayers for that healthier life and finally that CURE for CF!

THANK YOU for joining Team Run for Roses by making a donation or being a runner, walker or virtual walker. Share our story with your friends and family and help us continue to spread awareness!

We are ...Running 'til CF stands for Cure Found!...
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Run for Roses / Katie's Klan - Join Team Raised
Super Strider Linda Caul $20,545.00
Super Strider Ken Becker $500.00
Super Strider Nancy Becker $500.00
Super Strider Carol Campbell $500.00
Super Strider Colleen Caul $845.00
Super Strider Jefferies Caul $1,000.00
Super Strider Katie Caul $700.00
Super Strider Kelly Caul $600.00
Super Strider Jamie Davis $525.00
Super Strider Cathy Doherty $575.00
Super Strider Rosann Doherty $510.00
Super Strider Norm Ellingsen $500.00
Super Strider Kelly Herberholt $735.00
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